Welcome to Sci-Fi.Guru!

Welcome to Sci-Fi.Guru!

In early 2014, I turned 30, and finally decided to change my domain name. I had been under mahouteki.com for over 10 years and had just been waiting for the right domain name to pop into my head, which finally happened when .guru TLDs became available.

Mahouteki.com’s birth seems like a lifetime ago. It was back in 2000, when I was 16 years old and had just transferred to Edina High School. My then-website transferred from now-defunct Geocities to my own domain, and I felt like that was A Pretty Big Step® towards becoming a professional artist someday. Around the same time, I began my first professional-level work for local businesses and non-profits. Mahouteki is a funny little word I’ve grown attached to over the years, but no longer reflects the work I’ve been doing. It means “magical” in Japanese and I first used it at a time when I was heavily into fantasy art and manga-styled drawings (thankfully, I grew out of that).

Over the years, my illustrative style has drastically morphed and changed. I’ve come to establish myself as a web designer and developer for professionals in the sci-fi and horror industries.  While I love the professional work I do in panoramic publishing during the day, this website finally takes a step back from the happy, clean site Mahouteki became and now accurately reflects the full scope of my work. I haven’t done fantasy work in years, and dark science fiction is my true passion.

Welcome to the new era of my work, and thanks for stopping by!

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