Sci-Fi Music Mixing

Sci-Fi Music Mixing

I’m amateur as hell when it comes to mixing music, but I sure have a lot of fun doing it.

I’ve decided to start including my mixes throughout my site, but the best central location to give them a listen is through Soundcloud.

Although my favorite stuff to listen to overall is industrial/EBM or goth-leaning, when it comes to mixing, I love playing with stuff like drum & bass, techstep, and skullstep.

There’s something really fun about these genres in that they inherently sound like an evil-influenced sci-fi soundtrack. It should surprise nobody that I totally dig this.

Check out a few of the mixes I’ve put together below:

“The Wight” is inspired by the theme of a zombie outbreak/global takeover and has a sci-fi/horror bent.


“Quantum” is a fun mix utilizing a ton of old sci-fi film samples and one I keep coming back to.


“Space Wraith” I made in conjunction with the rebuild/release of my new site design August 2015.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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